.:Human Physiology:.

Welcome to my wiki about the human body and how it works! My name is Amy Witte and Im attending my first year of college at Lake Area Technical Insititute. Im curruntly travling Cerfitifed Nusing Assistant for Golden Living Centers and enrolled in the human serevices at LATI. The carreer path that im shooting for is to be a travling registered nurse. This profession would include working directly with pateints and their families. RNs are the primary contact person when other sorces want to know what is happening to the patients that they are reliable for. Other jobs RNs do are tracking vital signs and patient eveauations to see if there is proogess or a decline in the patients health. Also they can perform prcdures like IV placement, phlebotomy and administer medication, writing up care plans and assements.

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Fun Fact: There are one billion cells in the body must be replaced every hour in the human body