• By doing this project it made me understand the processes of the human body. Now action I do I think how it is going to effect my body. This wiki really made me get into the topics that I needed to learn and apply to everyday life. I also learned so many thing by looking for new resources videos and picture. By these actions it forced me to retain the information my long term memory.
  • Did this project help you evaluate ,analyze, summarize apply and critically think about the concepts in physiology and how they apply to you and your career?
    -This definitively made me look at things and think about them in a more complex manner. When ever I am at work now I try to apply every thing to the physiology of the human body and when working with people I think that is important. Having to think how each subject had to apply to my career really made me think about how much stuff that I really needed to learn. It opened my eyes to new disease and procedures that I've never heard of but will have to be comfortable with later in my career. I don't ever remembering putting so much time and effort into a class but it this wiki project was a new approach and helped me with analyzing, evaluating and summarize the chapters, pictures and videos. The essential questions were hard and made me really think out of the box and comprehend the material.


Fun Fact: Physiology isn't so horrible. : )

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