.: Metabolism:.

Summary:Metabolism is the break down of molecules and the production of energy that produces ATP. Then our bodies use these reactions that involve energy transformation for cellular respiration and the homeostasis of our bodies. Metabolism is all the reaction that happen in our bodies everyday to keep us moving!

Compare/ contrast anabolism and catabolism.


  • Uses the ATP from catabolism
  • Is a part of metabolism

  • Puts together simple molecules to make more complex molecules
  • Uses up available metabolic energy
  • Uses endergonic reactions
  • Breaks down the larger molecule from anaboism
  • Is a part of motablism

  • Breaks down larger molecules to smaller molecules
  • Produces metabolic energy
  • Uses exergonic reactions

What are enzymes and what role do they play in metabolism?
  • Enzymes are protein catalyst that increases the rate of chemical reactions in the human body.
  • Enzymes allow spontaneous reactions to happen within the cell. These enzymes break down and resemble the food we eat and produce it in energy.

What is basal metabolic rate (BMR)- Is the minimum calorie requirement to keep up with your body in a given day.

How does this apply to my career? I can apply the metabolism unit to my career because now I understand how food is used and how much is being used doing activities. This will help me when im taking care of patients that don't understand why they are gaining weight or their metabolism is slowing down due to age or inactivity. Working as a CNA, I have seen many things especially when I was working in Rochester Minnesota. I worked in a health and rehab care center and I helped people that had gastrobypass surgery because of their excessive weight gain and their inability to loose the wight. I realized its not the healthiest option to go because Iv seen so many people pass away after having the surgery. Not because of infection or injury but to the inability to get the right amount of nutrients to the brain and the rest of their bodies. Our bodies need the correct amount of nutrition to keep our bodies working properly. It is becoming very apparent the the U.S. is becoming obese and as a nurse Im going to run into this head on. I will have to explain what metabolism and healthy ways to loose weight so more health problem such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems associated with being overweight don't occur.

This is a long video but very good in explaining the problems of obesity and metabolism.

My BMR is......1601.3
My daily calorie needs are......1921.56

What are things I can so to increase my BMR and why?
  • I can avoid over eating because this forces the body to store fat and this slows down the metabolism.
  • Eat little meals throughout the day because it keeps the body constantly using the energy from he food and doesn't get the body a chance to store the fat like overeating does.
  • Exercise this burns the excess fuel and increases your muscle mass and your metabolism by increasing the need for energy.
  • Get good sleep! An insignificant amount of sleep can slow down your metabolism.
  • Breath deeply because it increase the amount of oxygen you cells are getting then in turn the more oxygen they get the better they work and it will boost your metabolism.
  • Eat a well balanced diet because this will give your cells the nutrients to work properly.


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Ingredients and how do these ingredients boost metabolism?

  • Fucoxanthin- This made up of edible brown seaweed and is classified as thermogenic. It provides nutrients to the cells then in turn boost the metabolism of the body.
  • Slimaluma- Helps you to not over eat is an appetite suppressant.
  • 7 Keto-This is micro nutrient that it increase the metabolic rate by the way of the thyroid gland.
  • Banaba Extract- This contains the triterpenoid compound corosolic acid and suppresses appetite
  • Guggul-Naturally stimulates an under active thyroid to restore a normal metabolic rate

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Fun Fact: If an average man had a metabolism comparable to that of a hummingbird he would have to eat 285 pounds of hamburger every day to maintain his weight.

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