.: Respiratory Physiology:.

Respiration is breathing ( ventilation) that takes place in our lungs. The inhale and exhalation of every breath depends on certain pressures and needs. During respiration gas exchage occurs between the blood and the air. These gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported through the blood. Then the excess carbon dioxide is exhaled and oxygen is inhaled for our proper working bodies.

This video shows the path which air takes to get to the lungs.

How does respiratory physiology play a roll in my career?
Learning the mechanics of how we breath will be very beneficial to my place in the heath care field. As a nurse we have to listen to lung sounds and how people breath and also take their respirations. The physiology of respiratory system helps me to understand just how we breath and whats normal and abnormal in every breath we take.Along dealing with lung and respirtory diseases in my patients.lung disease


How is ventilation accomplished?

Boyles law.
"As it states the inverse relation between pressure and volume. When we inhale, our lungs expands, volume increases, and pressure decreases, therefore air flows into our lungs. And vice versa with exhalation"

Ventilation happens by inspiration and exhalation of gases. Inhalation occurs when the diaphragm muscles contracts. Also the external intercostal contract to raise the ribs. While this happens the thoracic cavity increases counteraction to the pressure that decreases in the cavity. The air that is inhaled will move down the pressure gradient until exhalation takes place. During exhalation the opposite happens our lungs contract, volume decreases and pressure increases therefor pushing gases out of out lungs.

To understand this better here is a picture to help you visualize Boyle's law.


Fun Fact:Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe!

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